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Life is only once, so is work.

Oncework is an efficiency software like TextExpander or aText that combines github-gist. In short, it is a quick input tool for Mac/Win. It can save Content that needs to be typed repeatedly, and it can preset an Abbreviation, which will be automatically expanded the next time you need it.



Latest version of MAC


Latest version of Windows



Set values to replace

Set values to replace

Search substitution - an Alfred - like use habit.

Function Updates

  • When bash shell/python is running, software notification is supported

  • Customize software shortcut key Settings

  • Supports keyboard command execution

  • Create a Gist add file type

  • White noise music background

  • A reference to the NPM library

  • Dynamically generate UI components

  • Optimize the algorithm of Cursor

  • Internationalization of software language