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A quick overview of other introductions


This software is based on the Github account, which can only be used after registration. No user information is stored in the background.



  • Show list of tags

  • The Gist list of tags corresponding to rows

    • Support for screening

    • Add new Gist

    • Add new Tag

  • Parameter Settings for the parameters of the paintings

    • The running environment, Label, and acronym run, in turn,

    • preview the Gist runtime state

  • Snippet Tool Bar

    • All synchronous

    • Update the opened Gist from the github-gist center

    • Open the Gist and upload it to github-gist

    • Software check and update

  • Snippet editor

  • Snippet setting

The default shortCut is [ Alt + Space ]

Create Snippet

The default shortcut is < Alt + ] >


This view support to config the basic features and hotkeys.