Getting Started

This page shows you how to use the software properly.

Setting Up Your Account

  1. Create a Github account.

  2. Download the app.

At this point, you can purchase the software activation code or continue to use the free mode

Setting Up Your App

Follow these steps to learn how to use the software


You can refer to this module for installation

Login the github account

Create a new group

You can use shortcut ⌘ + T and open the create-group-modal or touch the plus button as follow.

Create a new snippet

You can use shortcut Alt + ] and open the Create-Snippet-window or touch the plus button as follow.

Select the snippet type that you want



Can I edit my snippets online?

Yes.Just click the Link icon and jump to the gist website.

Can I configure the preferences of the software?

Yes. You can set the hotkeys or more and more.